Culture is the soul of an enterprise, Formaking architecture quite focus on corporate culture, gradually formed in the development has its own unique corporate culture. The company's generous and inclusive culture reflects generous, rigorous performance culture reflects the serious, simple integrity culture embodied honesty, selfless and hard work culture embodied  dedication, studying learning culture embodies wisdom, for the rapid development of enterprises to provide a strong spiritual power. The company also carried out through a variety of activities to improve employee well-being index, expand employee well-being space, build a harmonious enterprise.

Corporate purposes
Excellent quality   First-class quality   Reputation first    Responsible for the user

Business philosophy
Honest and trustworthy    Customer first     Services proud

Corporate spirit
Bull by the horns    Unite and fight     Pursuit of excellence

Corporate mission
Do the most environmentally friendly, high-quality flooring materials, to change  industrial floor environment contributing

View of Science and Technology
Technology people-oriented and technology enterprises, science and technology as the source

Capital benefit view
Funds are tangible Goodwill  Goodwill is the intangible capital

Enterprise Social View
Stood   Harmonious development 

    Innovation is a delicate balance of the ingenious mind and the integrity of science. It demands creativity, patience, and a tolerance for failure. It also requires commitment and persistence. Those qualities define the dedicated associates at Formaking. We are proud to invest in each of our associates and global workplaces. Take part in our exciting journey and work with remarkable people who are passionate about our diverse portfolio of innovative ideas and products. We want to improve millions of lives – and you can join us in making a difference.
     At Formaking, our passion for who we are and what we do gives us a competitive advantage in all of our business endeavors. Our commitment to our values of honesty, integrity, respect, and responsibility unites us globally and fosters our high ethical standards in our relationships with each other, our customers, and business partners. It is important for each of us to support our Company’s Values so that we continue to make the right decisions every day.