Pitch-based waterproof material. The main raw materials are natural asphalt, petroleum asphalt and coal tar pitch. Asphalt felt paper fetal asphalt, solvent-based and water emulsion or bituminous asphalt rubber-based paint, grease have good adhesion, plastic, water resistance, corrosion resistance and durability.

Rubber plastic waterproof material. The main raw materials are neoprene, butyl rubber, EPDM rubber, polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane polyisobutylene and other raw materials. It can be made of non-elastic waterproofing membrane, waterproof membrane, waterproof coatings, coating materials and ointment, clay, and other water-stop sealing material. Its characteristics cover high tensile strength, elasticity and elongation, adhesion, water resistance and weather resistance and so on. It can be used in cold condition. It has longer service life.
Cement waterproof material. There are dense cement procoagulant effect of additives, such as waterproofing agents, air entraining agents and bulking agents, etc., can be reinforced cement mortar and water repellency and impermeability of concrete; cement and sodium silicate as the base material configured procoagulant mortar, can be used to waterproof plugging underground works.

Metal waterproof material. Sheet steel, galvanized steel, pressure plate, coated steel, etc. can be used directly as a roof for waterproofing. Steel sheet used in basements or underground structures metal waterproof layer. Thin copper, aluminum sheet, stainless steel plate can be made of the building deformation joint water stop. Waterproof junction metal layer to be welded, painted and rust protection paint.

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