Concrete Admixtures

For incorporation in the concrete mixing process.Volume usually not more than 5% of the mass of cement.By major functions are divided into four categories:
-  improve the workability of fresh concrete admixtures, including water reducer, pumping air-entraining agent and the like;
-  adjusting the setting time of concrete hardening performance additives, including retarders, early strength and rapid setting agent;
-  improve the durability of concrete admixtures, including air-entraining agents, waterproofing agents, and thelike rust;
-  improve other properties of concrete admixtures, including filling, bulking agents, antifreezes, coloring agents, water repellent agents and pumping.

We have a lot of concrete admixtures products,but the most famous of our products is hardened wear-resistant materials.

Our products are widely used in such fields as electronics, chemical industry, foodstuff, medicine, machine manufacturing, library, household appliances, logistics delivery, etc.

Formaking aims to address environmental and safety concerns throughout the whole value chain which covers facilities, products and processes. Formaking’s Research & Development is focused on formulating ecologically sustainable products and systems. On the specific flooring system portfolio, Formaking is seriously evaluating the whole Life Cycle of the systems according to various international standards.
- Specifying Formaking flooring systems contributes to green building certification
- Sustainability feature of Formaking flooring systems can be tested by professional Life Cycle Assessment
- Floors with Formaking flooring systems have lower live cycle cost with easy-clean feature and regeneration possibilities
- Industrial floors with Formaking flooring systems are of high quality and last long
- Formaking has developed specially tested flooring systems which respect the indoor air quality

If you want to know more information about our products,please contact with our representatives.Of course You can download  product description .

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